Fairfax County Government Onthank Award, 2015

Master Technician Michael Furman was awarded the A. Heath Onthank Award, which is the county's highest and most prestigious award, for the development of his Flash Max fire safety character and program for school-aged children. 


Flash Max Fire Safety Superhero Book, Mom's Choice Award, 2016

Michael's 32-page, full color children's hardcover picture book received the coveted Silver Mom's Choice Award for Excellence.



       Flash Max: Awards & Recognition

Flash Max Creator:  Firefighter/Artist/Author Michael Furman

Flash Max Fire Safety Superhero Book, 5 Star Reviews

The book continues to draw consecutive 5 Star reviews on Amazon, and is now for sale on Barnes and Noble, and at the FDNY Fire Zone Store in Rockefeller Center in New York City.

The Story Behind Flash Max the Fire Safety Superhero:

Michael Furman, the creator, author and illustrator of the Flash Max Fire Safety Superhero character, book and children’s fire safety outreach program, is also a career and volunteer firefighter and U.S. Air Force veteran. With 33 total years of service with the Fairfax County Fire Rescue Department (Va.), and the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department (Md.), he has combined his creative abilities and artistic talent with his passion for fire prevention and public speaking to give them both a superhero boost in a fun and interactive platform! Flash Max and partner, ‘Al-Arm the Smoke Alarm’ pack a punch to arch-rival nemesis ‘Blaze’, who comically personifies fire in the home, by encouraging families to install and regularly test their home’s smoke alarms, and regularly practice a home fire escape plan together. He also created Flash Max’s other superhero friend, ‘Zoor the Door’, to relay the equally important message of closing bedroom doors at night, protecting family members from heat and smoke, and giving them extra time for a secondary egress. Newly added, fire-quenching friend ‘Winkler the Fire Sprinkler’ completes Flash Max’s dynamic fire safety superhero team by encouraging families to install home fire sprinkler systems, which delay flashover, yielding further time for escape! Furman recently released a new coloring book featuring Winkler, in partnership with the National Fire Sprinkler Association, and he now travels regionally and nationally, promoting his unique fire prevention and life safety outreach message in a way that resonates with parents and children can relate to.​