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Fairfax County Government Onthank Award, 2015

Master Technician Michael Furman was awarded the A. Heath Onthank Award, which is the county's highest and most prestigious award, for the development of his Flash Max fire safety character and program for school-aged children. 


Flash Max Fire Safety Superhero Book, Mom's Choice Award, 2016

Michael's 32-page, full color children's hardcover picture book received the coveted Silver Mom's Choice Award for Excellence.



Flash Max Creator:  Firefighter/Artist/Author Michael Furman

       Flash Max: Awards & Recognition


Flash Max Fire Safety Superhero Book, 5 Star Reviews

The book continues to draw consecutive 5 Star reviews on Amazon, and is now for sale at the FDNY Fire Zone Store in Rockefeller Center, NY.

Flash Max would like to thank and recognize the following sponsors and/or partners. If you, your department or business would to help Flash Max spread the important message of home fire safety and survival and would like information on how to become a sponsor, call

1-844-FIRE ART, or go to the CONTACT page and submit your information. Thank you! 

The Story Behind Flash Max the Fire Safety Superhero:

Michael Furman is a professional firefighter in Fairfax County, Virginia where he holds the rank of Master Technician, assigned to Truck Company 411 at the Penn Daw Fire Station. He is also a 32 year firefighter/life member of the LaPlata Volunteer Fire Department in Charles County Maryland, where he resides with his wife and three children. Michael is also a United States Air Force veteran, having served four years (1988-1992) as a Firefighter/Rescue Specialist at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.
As a small child, Michael was ironically terrified of fire and being burned. Since becoming a firefighter, he has always actively participated in public fire prevention education. He has now combined his natural talents, chosen career path and natural passion to create a fire safety superhero character, in an effort to spread the important message of home fire safety and survival to children and families, protecting them from what he feared as a child.